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Palm Single
« le: 26 Mai 2014, 07:37:32 »
Palm Single

Palm arrive en 2014 avec quelques nouveautés dont une nouvelle clé ''single paddle''. Palm Single
Il utilise le même QuickMount que la Mini Paddle.

Un nouveau connecteur pour la Mini Paddle est aussi proposé. Pour en discuter, puisque le sujet avait déjà été amorcé dans une autre section, suivre ce lien: NEW Improved connecting cable for the Mini Paddle »MP-CC« Ce connecteur est compatible avec le Palm Single également.

Since many years, the »Mini Paddle« has proven to be highly reliable portable morse paddle.

Like all Palm paddles the »Palm Single« is also equipped with galvanized gold contacts that ensure maximum contact safety and reliability. For maximum transportation safety, this smallest single lever key in the world can be retracted into it's robust housing, just as known from all Palm Radio keys. The standard housing consists of aluminium, the new ABS housing is optional.

The lever of the »Palm Single« bears a clever mechanism which automatically centers it in the middle position - no adjustments to be made!

Another feature is that you can select either the normal »single paddle mode« or the »sideswiper mode«. The switching between these modes is done directly at the lever by use of the supplied hex key, which is also used for the adjustment of the set screws. The hex key can be stored in the base plate of the key (»QuickMount«) - perfectly placed and always at hand.

Two different set screws per lever side allow precise and individual adjustment of the contact gap and the spring pressure.

The characteristics of the »Palm Single« at a glance:

- Hard, defined stop of the paddle lever.
- Automatic centering of the lever- no manual adjustments required.
- Paddle pressure per side individually adjustable from approximately 2 to 40grams.
- Galvanized, gold-platedcontacts.
- Easily selectable between single paddle and side swiper (CootieKey) mode.
- Low mass: paddle lever only 6 grams
- complete key 48g (aluminum housing) or 30g (ABS housing).
- Paddle lever can be retracted for transport and is therefore best protected.
- Smallest single lever key in the world: 25 x 25 x 79 mm = 1 x 1 x 3.1 inch.
- Housing: standard is the aluminum housing, ABS housing optional.
- Supplied: Manual, QuickMount (universal mountingplate with magnets) and Palm Radio connection cable (3-pin connector with plastic housing).

Connector kit »MP-Plug«

For DIY cables (e.g. with other lengths) to connect the Mini Paddle, we offer our new »plug kit« also individually. It has an integrated strain relief and is suitable to solder your own cables with a diameter of up to 2.3 mm.

QuickMount (QM) for MP und PPK

The QuickMount (QM) is the universal mounting bracket into which the Mini Paddle or the PPK can be easily snapped. The basic idea behind it is to have a QuickMount at several locations (station, RV, Cabin, ...) and then just insert the key in each case there. The QM can be mounted in several ways: First, it can be screwed onto a surface through the holes, in this case even a rotatable mounting is possible (one screw is the pivot point, the other goes in the arched slot). Furthermore, two magnets can be pressed into the QuickMount, then it can be attached to ferromagnetic materials. For example, you can "glue" the Mini Paddle on top of the transceiver. The QuickMount can be attached to each of the four sides of the Mini Paddle - this allows also a lateral assembly of the paddle on the transceivers side. All QM's can be additionally fitted with magnets, they are simply clipped into the round plastic domes. The bottom of the QuickMount is equipped with two anti-slip pads. The integrated Allen key (1.5mm, fits all Palm Radio Keys) is always at hand, attached directly and captive inside of the QuickMount. The QM is available either with or without magnets in black, and also in gray (limited stock).

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